Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Twilight Saga

Ok so now I can't possibly wait till August for Breaking Dawn to be released, it's going to be torturous!!! I know that every fan of Stephenie Meyer's is feeling the same way. I know because I read the forums and the blogs and anything I can possibly get my hands on.
It's just the whole Bella and Edward scenario, I think that everyone wishes that they could find a love as pure and although at first I was disappointed about the interaction between Bella and Jacob on the mountain I think I understand why it happened and what the thought process behind it was.
It's kind of a testament to Bella, she loves Jacob but she loves Edward more and although for a fleeting moment your heart stops, you realize that whatever happens between these two, they will never have the connection as Bella and Edward have. I think this is certainly the moment this happens for her as Stephenie says, Bella fell in love with Jacob in New Moon, she just couldn't see it through her misery and the whole Edward left made her feel incomplete.
Please if you feel in any way that I am wrong comment I won't take offense, it's just the way I see it and I'm open to other opinions.
So, getting that out the way, I'm interested in what path Stephenie is going to take and I'm wondering if Jacob will imprint???? Just a thought... let me know what you think!!

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