Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Twilight Movie

Ok so being completely honest I am torn between excitement and optimism about the Twilight movie coming out in December.... I like the idea of visually seeing the Cullen's and Bella come to life but I don't know if I exactly agree with Robert Pattinson as Edward. He doesn't honestly look anything like the description Stephenie Meyer so delicately describes. So I decided to go on a hunt and see if I could find anyone who fit my mental image of the gorgeous Vampire and I have to admit I found this picture completely by accident... I also like Gossip Girl!!!
Chase Crawford would be the closest representation to how I saw Edward, not identical but close as I can get... I don't there could be living person who represents Edward the way I see him. I added the picture so you can understand what I mean.
I guess I'm just worried about the movie taking away from Stephenie's beautiful words and the sincerity of the story, I don't want it to become another throw away movie, a perfect example is The Covenant, don't get me wrong I like the movie but I am always left feeling cheated after watching because they had taken an awesome idea and threw it together and it felt rushed and it didn't quite flow as easily as it could have.
I also have to comment on the promotional pictures of the Cullen family t hat have been released for the movie, what is with the hair? Please someone tell me that these were just thrown together for publicity sake... The hair is horrible and I find it very distracting!! I really am not trying to put the movie down because I am excited about Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and I hope the visual representation can really get across the emotions that are so dominant in the books, I think I can definitely say I think Kristen Stewart will do a good job.

Ok, onto another point.... does anyone else feel like they will go completely insane before Breaking Dawn is released??? I think I can honestly say that I am impatiently waiting, and I am far from being an impatient person, I think this is the publishers excuse to torture readers because... I feel tortured!!! LOL

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