Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Moon

I just finished New Moon and I am waiting for eclipse to be delivered, I have to admit I am addicted to this series of books, I am a lot older than a young adult.
This book really got some emotions going, I think I cried throughout the entire thing, Stephenie's writing is amazing, when Bella feels pain... so do you! I really enjoyed every part of it and to be quite honest, will have to read them all again. (I have read each of the HP series at least 5 times... sad I know).
Stephenie has made it so easy to really become involved in Bella's life and like I said about Twilight, sometimes you feel you could be next to her. This series helps me with my escapism, yes it sounds strange but like everyone, occasionally you need to abscond from your life, even if for just a brief second. I have found solace in this book, I enjoy the words and the sentiments and Bella is always getting into trouble, you find yourself laughing at her sarcasm or her complete lack of balance.
The only thing I find distressing is that they are too short lol! I seem to coast through them in hours and this is the main reason I read books 3-5 times ;0P.
I honestly don't think I will make to August to wait for the next book, it will be excruciating, but I'm sure worth every second.
I'm babbling...

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