Monday, April 14, 2008

YA?? Why

Okay so I have to be completely honest, I am wayyyyyy over the YA label that the Twilight phenom is aimed at but as you have probably guessed I am still addicted. Now it doesn't bother me that this is the target audience but what does bother me is the the main stream media insists on ignoring the fact that this book reaches everyone beyond the Young Adult world.
I think they have to start facing the fact that the book appeals to pretty much anyone who takes the time to read them. Stephenie Meyers inspirational series have the touched the hearts of anyone who reads them and I am glad, oh so glad, that twilight moms are around, it's somewhere I can go, as an adult, to discuss my favorite books.
Unfortunately I am an avid reader in a family that don't read, I sometimes feel like Matilda, I am in now way abused, but they cannot understand my lust of the escapism that books bring me, and that the twilight series now offers me so temptingly. Back to the point, I need to be able to talk about my thoughts and theories on the book and (because my fam don't read) I find solace online.
Okay so I am done complaining... I'm not a huge complainer, but it's good to get to out sometimes.
Oh I am writing Twilight through Alice Cullen's eyes, please check it out and let me know what you think -L

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