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Breaking Dawn Speculation

B&N Forum

Ok, I have been gathering everything I could because I have been quite bored at work today and I was reading this forum on Barnes & Noble and I started at the beginning (Told you I was bored!)
Anyway I have to comment on some of the speculation even from as far back as Sept.
I'm going to try and break this down. I will add in quotes so you can see what I'm on about...

"I'm hoping Jacob becomes the Leader of his Pack, and stops the wedding. I would also like to see Jacob fight for what he knows is his. And if Edward wants to put up a fight then so be it. I don't think Edward is as tough as he seems. Even after the last fight i don't see anything .. So these are my hopes."- Page 3 of the forum.

Ok first of all... I want to say that I love Edward and Jacob, I think they are both strong and essential characters to the entire world of Twilight. Jacob may be young and sometimes immature but he is only 16 and although he grew into a 25 year old because of the phasing, it is implied that it is his body that has aged not his mind.
I don't think Jacob will stop the wedding, I think because even though he is hurting, he really only wants Bella to be happy, and his King Solomon speech at the end implies this to me, and although he knows Bella loves him he also knows that she has made her choice, her love for Edward is stronger than anything else in her world, he is her world, her heart, her soul. And I think if Jacob and Bella really were supposed to be together Jacob would have imprinted on her. I know there is a chance he may never imprint on anybody but it seems to me – the way Stephenie writes it – that if Bella was in fact Jacob's destiny he would have, in fact, imprinted on her because it was meant to be. but hey thats just me.
I also want to say that I think Edward is as strong as he makes out to be, just not with Bella, she is his one weak spot.

Ok some have also speculated about Bella's aversion to blood in Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse...
I think that this could be an interesting point, when or if she is changed. Edward, in Twilight, laughed at her when she mentioned it was the smell of blood that made her woozy. I think that it will more than likely come up again because, from my multiple readings of these books I have got that vampires have heightened senses, which would include smell. Wouldn't this perhaps make Bella a little less inclined to thirst blood, or would her instinct and thirst overshadow the aversion?? It's interesting and a point that I hope will be answered =]

"I agree with you Bella is starting to become really annoying. with all of her emotional problems." - Page 5 of Forum

Really? I would love to see anyone deal with the fact that your two loves are mythical creatures and you consistently have your life threatened. I have also noticed how people Bella bash and call her weak or selfish because she has admitted her love for Jacob...
To this I all I have to say is it was necessary, I think Bella fell in love with Jacob because he was "her sun in her darkest night" and that is bound to leave some kind of impression on someone, and although I was shocked and a little disappointed in her the first time I read it, the second and third time I went through it I understood. Loving Jacob show Bella how much she truly loves Edward, this may sound backwards and a little odd but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you have had only one love in your life you have nothing to compare it to.
Her love for Jacob basically shows her that yes, there are other options out there and she has the ability to love someone else if it ever came to that, but it also makes her see that nothing makes as much sense to her as Edward, he is her soul mate, the one she can't live without!

I watched an book discussion with Stephenie on Borders Media Website and one of the group asked her about Alec from the Volturi's powers and she mentioned that she had avoided including that because she was planning explain more in another book. This was from a discussion about New Moon and Eclipse (Just before the release of Eclipse) and I'm guessing Alec is going to be making an appearance in Breaking Dawn.

Ok so I have either bored you to death (Not that i'm sure anyone reads this!!) or I have got you mind a thinking... Please if you do read this and disagree or have any insights comment and I will get back to you.

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