Monday, April 7, 2008

Robert Pattinson

Ok, so as you can probably tell through my last couple of entries, I am completely happy that Robert Pattinson is playing Edward, It took a while to get there but I read all of the books again and briefly imagined him as Edward (Ok so i'm super obsessed... like you didn't know!!) and I found he really did fit, his pale complexion and brooding nature really seem to work.
*** SIGH ***
Ok gots to go, Have a blast and btw I am having a hard time waiting on August to get here, and December for that matter...
Note to self... gotta get a life lol

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Twilight said...

Wow, I also sertainly need to get a life. I even dream about Bella and Edward. I wonder what kind of wedding they will have,hope stephenie meyer has a good description of what their wedding is like !!!!!!!!!!!