Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Layout

I decided to put up a new layout, one that fits my needs a little better than the last, I figured that maybe, I could start using it for how I intended.
I noticed that the whole Midnight Sun drama made it into the national news. I wish it had never happened, I was so looking forward to Edward's take on the meadow, his real reaction to the van almost hitting Bella.
I think it would have been a good insight into the Cullen's world, as you probably know I have tried to dabble in that world with Alice's version of each book. (Breaking Dawn's through her eyes will be started as soon as I'm through with BD: Immortal Souls) I would love to know how it really was, how the Cullen's interacted with one another when no one was looking, and last, but certainly not least, what was Edward thinking when Bella left to meet James?
If these arrogant people hadn't hacked the story we would have found out, I don't know why they refused to let Stephenie Meyer work in peace. I'm sure everyone is aware of how daunting deadlines can be, whether it be school or work, so I am sure that when SM was free of those she was able to fully enjoy her writing again. I know that is how I would love for her to write, free of pressure and time to reflect on how she felt about each part.
I must say I am a huge fan of SM, as you can tell I adored the host just as much as the Twilight saga, and I'm sure that I would happily read anything she put down on paper. I'm just sad that our excitement has been stolen from us by thoughtless hackers.
I always try and stay away from leaks, I was impressed that I dodged so many of the Breaking Dawn spoilers before it was finally released, but this bites the big one. I hope SM gets back on track, and I hope she realizes her fans still follow her loyally no matter what she chooses to do.


Nikki said...

I wanted to say that I LOVE the new layout!!!!! it looks so much better than the last one. I'll keep following your site!!!!

Tiffani Hutchison said...

I want a Twilight layout, how can I get one??????