Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok, so knowing that there is only one day twelve hours and forty seven minutes to the release of BREAKING DAWN, is killing me lol, I am unable to concentrate at this point and the days are dragging along like the clocks are going backwards rather than forwards. Does anyone else seem to be having this problem?
So Stephenie has openly admitted that she's written a wedding, that's awesome, and then there are the quotes of the day, so mysterious and watching everyone's insight into the meanings and context of them can sometimes be hugely entertaining. That doesn't hold of the tick-tock in my mind for the countdown to the release.
I can't believe that I am this worked up over a book, but then again, it is Breaking Dawn, so knowing that there are thousands of fans out there probably going through the same thing makes me feel less insane.
I just had to write SOMETHING down to get the anticipation off of my chest.
Okay, I need a show of hands, does everyone feel this way or I am 100% addicted and insane.

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